The pain throughout my body was unbearable, I had so many tests and had seen many many specialists about the state of my ill health. All tests were showing everything is clear, but WHY was I so sick?

I first came and see Teressa in Jan 2006, with the hope someone can help me. After going through the history of my health and lifestyle, Teressa and the team performed a few tests and with the results showing what was the underlying issue.

The rest as they say is history, with the guidance and support I had and still having. I am now living life as new woman. I cannot recommend her enough, the way she explains the causes of my underlying issues and how the implementation of a few changes in my diet has placed me on cloud nine.

I am so impressed with her innate ability in natural health and science, my family visits us from Brazil and they too also see her. My family and I continue our consults with Teressa, our ongoing wellness is a tribute to her.

Thank you ever so much.