With this being my first visit to a naturopath I was ‘naturally’ very sceptical about how beneficial it would be to my health and wellbeing. Living on the Gold Coast we are exposed to so much b/s, gimmicks, and get fixed fast scams that we develop a real distrust for most “services”. But after spending the first 30 minute of a hour session with Teressa those concerns quickly disappeared.
Utilising a very detailed and functional questionnaire Teressa quickly identified where some missing links were in my health.

With a very calming and genuine energy, Teressa looked at my symptoms from a very different perspective to the many doctors I had seen in the past and gave me some pieces to a puzzle that I had been trying to complete most of my life.

Each to there own, do your own research, look for your own answer but in my experience this place is a step in the right direction for those who want a true and whole understanding of their overall health.